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Vegetable Farm

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture


Golden Green Farm offers  “shares” of its produce to consumers. Members pay a flat rate at the beginning of a growing season. The members receive a share/box of the farm’s produce regularly (usually weekly) throughout the growing season. In this way, the members share the risks and benefits of growing food with the farm owners.

CSA Terms and Conditions

We offer a CSA Management platform for our members who get a bag delivered off the farm the opportunity to customize your shares. Those picking up on the farms in White Post and Pickup locations.

Pick Up Locations for the season 2023

Free Delivery CSA Share

On-Farm Pick Up - White Post




South ridding


List Of Vegetables:


Sweet Peppers (4 varieties), Bajji Mirchi, Green Chilles (2 varieties), Red chillis (Pickels)



Drumstick leaves, Thotakura, Gongura (Red sorrel), Malbar Spinach, Menti, Coriander, Mint +++++++



Tomatoes ( 3 varieties), Cherry Tomatoes, Beerakaya (Ridge gourd/Turiya), Beetroot, Brinjal Long, Brinjal Round, Kakarakaya (Bitter Gourd), Sorakaya/Bottle gourd (3 varieties), Poylakaya/Snake gourd( 2 varieties), India Beans/Chikudu(3 varieties), Flat Hyacinth Bean (Avarakkai) Goru chikkudu (Flat bean) Dosa kaya (Indian Cucumber), Long beans, Bendakaya/Oakra ( 2 varieties), Pumpkins, Ash Pumpkin, Zookni, Butternut squash, Eggplant (6 varieties) ++++++++



Watermelon, Cucumber, Cantaloupe, Black Berries 

More ++++++

Once you get your vegetable list each week, you can make changes if you want: 


Prior to your next pickup/delivery, you’ll have the option to swap out items. If you don’t like something or already have too much of something in your share, you can swap it out for other options.

If this all sounds overwhelming or you liked the old system, don’t worry. You can also skip setting preferences and customizing and have a bag packed just like before.

What To Expect In Your Box

Share Sizes

Small Basket: Designed to feed single folks or couples who eat out often. Expect 5-7 items in your basket each week.

Medium Basket: Designed to feed 2 adults most of their weekly vegetable needs. Expect 6-8 items in your basket each week, with some in larger quantities than the Small basket.

Family Basket: Designed to feed a larger family, or strictly vegetarian couple, most of their weekly vegetable needs. Expect 8-10 items in your basket each week, with some in larger quantities than the medium basket .


We offer the following payment plan:
      * Pay 50% down at sign up
      * Pay an additional 50% + 1st week of July share of pickup/delivery


Season Starts Last week of May or First week of June depending on Weather. Summer season will end middle of October. 


Registered by March 30 and receive a 10% off total pay upfront (Not applicable for Bi-Weekly share)

Pricing and Options: Summer Share (20 Weeks)

Small Basket                                           100

$15 per week                                      

Biweekly Small Basket                             50

$7 per week                                     

Medium Basket                                          200

$20 per week                                      

Biweekly Medium Basket                        100

$10 per week                                      

 Family Basket                                              300

$30 per week                                      

Biweekly Family Basket 

$15 per week                                      150

Pricing and Options: Summer and Winter Share (30 Weeks)

Small Basket 

$ 15 per week                                     

Biweekly Small Basket 

$7 per week                                      

Medium Basket 

$20 per week                                      

Biweekly Medium Basket 

$10 per week                                      

 Family Basket 

$30 per week                                      

Biweekly Family Basket 

$15 per week                                      

Payments: Zelle Email:

What We Offer

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 


We offer CSA program for the growing season, Typically our growing season starts from mid June to mid October. Members can sign up in advance for the growing season.

CSA provides the ability to buy local produce directly from farmers. The farm delivers a box of their farm products regularly through out the growing season. Customers can choose the pick up options listed. Our farm offers either market shares (choose your own option) or compile your own box of vegetables.


During this season we are planning to allow picking at the farm. The health and safety of our customers and staff is very important for us. We ask that everyone on the farm must follow the Covid-19 protocols.


During the growing season, it is best to call just before getting in the car to drive here as sometimes the field has to be closed for a few days for maintenance. This website is updated every day and throughout the day to make sure you get the most up-to-date picking information.

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